Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things that can make home brewing, erm, difficult!

A rough day last friday (weather-wise)........

So I pull the truck over to wipe down the nearside mirrors (nice and responible eh?)

I'm wet, my boots are wet, as are my gloves...... I can reach most of the mirors, but have to use the step and mirror arm to reach the top mirror...wet gloves mean I can't keep hold of the mirror arm so slip off the step, landing in a puddle that happens to be concealing a piece of plastic (one of those clear plastic "document wallets" I think it was).

This ends with me going "arse over elbow" and landing on my hip and wrist (luckily my left one - being right handed).

It didn't hurt to start with, then after an hour or so, it was sore, so I take a couple of nurofen tablets, still believeing that is just a sprain, only to find that by lunchtime I can't change gears or work the handbrake of the truck, so off to the hospital, only to find, after "they've" taken an xray that I've broken the top part of my left radius a.k.a radial styloid (I think that's what they called it anyway).

Which means that if I want to do anything with a batch of brew larger than 1 gallon, it's out of the question for about the next 4 weeks!

Damn, damn, damn!