Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joe's Ancient Orange.........

Damn! by now, you'd have thought that people would have learned how to use a search facility.......

Why is it, that so many new mead makers, think that they can just do this or that to make the Joe's Ancient Orange recipe "good".

It was designed, presumably, so that a new mead maker could get a batch on the go from what's in the kitchen cupboards (pretty much), without having to find a load of expensive ingredients etc.

If it's not as per Joe's recipe then wake up fuckwit, it's not Joe's Ancient Orange is it.

Every new generation of young men think that they've just invented cunnilingus! Well wake up you fucking idiots, people like Joe were probably in Baghdad, when you were in your dad's bag!

It's a tried and tested, successful recipe. It does come good and zillions of posts around the net suggest that the recipe is and has been enjoyed by a hell of a lot of people. If you don't like the flavour, fine, make something different.

But if it's not made to the recipe as Joe suggests, it's not Joe's Ancient Orange is it !