Saturday, March 06, 2010

latest - 6/3/10

Well, I can't remember if I actually added any nutrient or not to the 3 batches of mead/pyment or not.

So today, I decided to add some, but also some more honey, as they've all been bubbling along nicely all week.

3 times today, I'd weigh out the honey, use a baster to get a little must out of the DJ and then add it to the honey, in the liquidiser, along with half a teaspoon of DAP (di-ammonium phosphate) and quarter teaspoon of Fermaid-K. Then give it a good whizz. The idea being that I was providing some oxygen, as well as the additional honey and the nutrients.

3 times I found that I had to add a little of the mix and then re-stopper the DJ to let it settle, they all wanted to foam like hell. So the only one where I lost a little through the foaming, was the pure honey/traditional mead. I'd worked out that the others would need to be handled with care.

I'm not too fussed about being too anal with adding the nutrients at certain gravity readings, they've been going all week to while I probably should have added the nutrient before now, that's probably gonna be fine.

I'll probably check the gravity mid-week to see if I want to add a bit more nutrient before I top them up to the neck with some spring water and let them finish.

Watch this space.....