Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Orange and Spice mead recipe.

Well, it did take a bit longer than the recipe suggested to start the fermentation cycle. It didn't start straight away, but I noticed the first few bubbles showing in the valve last night.

This morning, it's bubbling just nicely. So all I have to do now, is wait until the main foaming part of the fermentation has finished. A couple of days ? dunno, so I'm planning to wait until next weekend before I top it up with water to just below the top of the containers neck.

Then it should just be a case of putting it under the side table in the dining room to "finish" - god that sounds final, no when I say "finish" I mean exactly that. Let it carry on to the end of the fermentation, so that it clears, the lees settle and eventually the oranges should also drop.

I'm gonna have to ask around at one of the forums I post at, to see if it needs ageing or not. If not great, I'll be able to test it (a glass or two) and then bottle it. Should, hopefully, be ready by crimbo!

Pip pip!

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