Saturday, July 28, 2007

Todays brewing efforts etc....

So, this week I finally got my finger out my arse and got the honey to try the Orange and spice recipe that I mentioned in the post below.

I've just finished making it, following the recipe exactly, except that I made it in a 3 gallon (well sort of - I've made it in a 12 litre water cooler bottle - and 3 US gallons is a little less than 12 litres, while 3 imperial/UK gallons is about 13.5 litres), I also had to use Allinsons bread yeast, still the same amount as stated in the recipe i.e. 1 teaspoon per "gallon".

It doesn't seem to have "started" as immediately as suggested by the recipe, but I suspect that by tonight it will probably be bubbling away nicely.

I did use all the spices in the recipe (having a penchant for spices) i.e. including the "optional" allspice and nutmeg. Plus I used 2 cloves per gallon.

We don't have any spare "dark cupboards" to store it in (hell, I'm in the UK and we don't tend to have kitchens the size of a football pitch). So I've made the bottle a "shroud" from about 4 thicknesses of newspaper (couldn't see any light through it so I have to presume that that'll be OK).

I'm gonna give it a week before I top it off with water, so the main part of the foaming that the recipe suggests should (hopefully) have subsided by then.

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