Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Turbo Cider (and other stuff)

Been reading about how apparently easy it is to make "Turbo Cider" (turbo as it's quick to make - apparently).

In theory, it's just a case of sticking some cheap apple juice into a "demijohn" jar, and adding yeast. It seems that just bread yeast can make it to 5.5% abv, but if wine making yeast is used then it takes a bit longer to ferment and can become stronger.

The thread I was reading at the winesathome forums, also said about making it like that but adding some honey as well, which is probably know as "cyser" i.e. mead made with apple juice.

Anyway, I'm gonna try a gallon of just juice/yeast and another of juice/yeast/honey. The batch with honey is only gonna have a pound of honey, but it might need to be "laid down" to age. I'll have to wait and see.

I pitched the yeast into the canned strawberry must on Sunday as previously mentioned and I'm not giving it a bit of a shake once a day, as per the recipe instructions (for either 7 or 10 days). Once the shaking period is up, then it'll be time to strain it into a different fermenter to remove any fruit pulp, and let it ferment out.

Oh and I used enough sugar (from the recipe instructions) to make it "medium/sweet". Afterall, strawberries are (in my opinion) supposed to be eaten with a little sprinkle of sugar/sweet.


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