Saturday, November 03, 2007

My latest.......

So, since the "rackfest", the "Tinned Strawberry" has finished fermenting, it's starting to clear so I should really rack it off the lees.

Of the two gallons of turbo cider I made (one with a pound of honey, one not), they both seem to have finished, the gallon without the honey finished first and has cleared quite well. The gallon with the honey is starting to clear, but it's no where ready yet.

I really should think about getting some beer bottles, caps and capper for the one that's cleared, the only downside is that I'd like to get it carbonated, which means that I need to "prime" the bottles. That involves a small amount of sugar in the bottle or mixed with some water and that's added to the bottle. It does seem that dextrose is the best sugar to do this, but getting it (I actually want it for some other recipes as well) has so far, proved to be a pain in the arse. I've just ordered 10 kilo's from a home brew supplier, that should arrive next week sometime.

Oh and while I remember, look around and check out websites, before you buy something. My recent efforts to get hold of larger than "normal" bags of dextrose (a.k.a. glucose), seems to have been a letdown. I found a site called "bargain-supplements", which said that it could supply a 25 kg bag for about £30. It hasn't turned up yet, and after looking around today, the website seems to have disappeared. So if I've lost the £30, then it's tough shit on me isn't it, if it turns up, then great. I'm still exploring other sources, as the 25 kg bag would last me for a month or two.

I reckon that only the one bad site, in the 5 or so years that I've used Internet shopping isn't a bad average. That includes shopping at locations world wide! Ah well! {edit} I left it a week or so and then checked again. The site has re-appeared. So I have to presume that they're hosted by 123-reg, who, as far as I can find out, experienced a "bout" of complete ineptitude or some form of "denial of service attack". Both of which would be quite rare so I've decided that it was mainly impatience (again) on my part{/edit}

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