Sunday, December 23, 2007

even smaller update to yesterdays "mini-update"

Well, the barshack ginger mead with fruit seems to have all but finished, so I'll leave that bit longer to see if it clears or whether I need to rack it off or not!

The canned strawberry seems to have "stuck" sitting at a gravity of 1.050 so I'll have to look into restarting the ferment on that.

The Winter Mead was split into 3 X 1 gallon jars, 2 of them seem to have either finished or got close to finishing - 1 seems to be stuck. So along with working out about restarting, I thought I'd just do the restart thing but mix them back together so that it all reaches the same %ABV.

I'll have to wait and see!

Oh and the "wine thief" device seems to work very well.

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