Friday, June 26, 2009

Practicalities of larger batches.......

Now I won't bore you with what the actual batch is of......

Suffice to say that I decided to make "double size" batch the other week....... So I weighed out the dry ingredients, worked out the water needs etc and got it all mixed up.

Now the only reason for doing this, was because I'd managed to get a couple of 54 litre carboys cheap via ebay.

The only thing I didn't think of, was the one thing that's turning out to be a complete pain in the arse - I don't have the infrastructure to deal with batches this size.

If I make a 25 litre batch of something, then fine, I have enough kit to mix, aerate, rack from one container to another and moreover, lift it i.e. muscle power!

When I'd mixed that batch, it occured to me that I'd better move it to the corner of the dining room so I didn't get an ear bashing from "erindoors". Fuck me sideways with the rough end of a pineapple! It's heavy. It weighs in the region of 50 Kg's. When it's finished fermenting, I'll have to think about how I'm gonna stir it to de-gas so I can add the finings to clear and how to syphon it so that I can split it into 2 smaller batches (I also got some 25 litre glass demi-john containers as well)!

So before you leap in with both feet, just think about how you're gonna move things like this etc, it's all very well making large batches etc but if you can't move them to where you need to do stuff with them, then as they say, "you're up shit creek without a paddle"!


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