Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mixed Fruit Melomel 2.......

Ok, so here's what it currently looks like. It's been a little over a fortnight and the yeast has dropped just nicely.

Oh and if you think I made a mistake in leaving the air space, that was the minimum I needed to leave to stop it foaming out into the airlock. Either way, both the main ferment and the small amount in the milk bottle will have been prevented from oxidation by the CO2 rich atmosphere in the airspaces....

During the main ferment, I'd planned to add a bit more nutrient at either the 1/2 or 2/3 sugar break. In practice I checked the gravity after 2 days of active ferment and it had dropped from 1.100 to 1.010 i.e. a 90 point drop. I did panic a little as I was surprised to see that it had changed so much, so quickly.

What did I do ? I added a further 1lb of honey to bring the gravity back up a bit. No I didn't test it, I just added the extra honey, give it a gentle stir and then added the 1/2 (I think it was 1/2, not 1/4) a tsp of Fermaid-K nutrient.

Now my current intention is to rack it off the sediment check the gravity and then add some sulphite prevent spoilage, and then sorbate it to prevent it starting to re-ferment when I add the rest of the fruit juice. At that stage, I'll probably have to mix it in a bucket as it'll be to much for 1 demi-john, then mix in a good dose of pectolase, after all, the juice has already been heat treated and I want it to clear, even if it does take a long time...

Then I'll put it back into a DJ (probably split between a 1 gallon one and a 1/2 gallon one) to clear.


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