Sunday, May 09, 2010

update 9/5/10

So yesterday I went to Paynes for honey to feed and hopefully back sweeten. Damn place! They've done a lovely job of increasing their sales floor area and there's a few changes as to the honeys they stock. It's the first time I've seen this one so I got 4lb to try. It's darker than it looks in the photo......

Anyway, I got an extra couple of jars of Mexican Clear and had to get a 3lb pot of Italian Chestnut as the chap said it was the last of it, something about poor harvest and the lousy summer last year. Shame as it's very nutty/malty and not as "sweet" as a lot of their honey, quite dark in colour. I also had to go to the local Lidl to get another bottle of the Marlene Summer Blossom blended stuff.

The plan was to add an extra measure of honey to the 3 batches from last week. I did screw up a little, as I managed to put the Mexican in the Marlene and vice versa. Perhaps I should have turned the light on and double checked the labels on the DJ's! Anyway, it should still come out ok, as they'll be finished off with the correct honeys when back sweetening.

All I've done is to add the honey, but also a 1/4 teaspoon of FermaidK and 1/4 teaspoon of DAP (Di-Ammonium Phosphate). Which has been added to some must taken out to check the gravities and stirred in with the milk aerator, poured back into the respective DJ, which is then topped up with water (gently as there was still a little foaming, just nowhere near as much as last week).

The changes in gravity were approximately 40 points i.e. one measured about 1080 and the lowest was about 1060 so all on target. Apart from aerating yesterday, I'm not intending any further aeration hence them being topped up with water to the neck of the DJ and being airlocked for the duration.

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