Sunday, October 17, 2010


Off the scale ! The hydrometer only goes up to 1.150 and that means as a "guesstimate" the must is currently sitting at about 1.165 or so.

It seems that I'll have to remove a 1/3rd to 1/2 of it and top it up with water, then ferment it dry and use the reserved bit of the must for back sweetening.....

Still, shouldn't be a problem as the honey and elderberry juice does taste pretty damn good!

What does seem a little weird, is that the elderberry juice on it's own was so high i.e. 1.120 and that the honey (3lb) only raised that to about the 1.165 - what I suppose I really mean, is that I'm suprised that the elderberry was so high and that the honey has only increased it by about 45 points, I'd have thought that the elderberry would have been lower and that the honey would have increased it more.

Not to worry, I'll water it down some and then ferment it. Then back sweeten it. That should just about maximise the fruit flavour with some sweetness.

We'll see eh!


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gordsellar said...

When your hydrometer cannot read the gravity because it's too high, can't you dilute by 50% water and then just double the gravity reading you get? I have a hydrometer only good to 1.060 and I do this all the time. Seems to work for me...