Monday, October 27, 2014

"Making Mead" by Roger Morse.

When my copy of this book first arrived, I "power read" the first part/intro section. Well written, with a few bits of info and sources that I hadn't come across before.

Puffed with enthusiasm, I posted an initial post.

I've since decided to delete that post. Not because I'm any less enthusiastic about making mead, for real or via the book.

Just that it was interesting to read, but much of the guidance is now quite dated. No less relevant, just that things have progressed since it was written. Better or maybe just more up to date ideas, materials, ingredients, methods etc.......

Ergo, I recommend it as a good book to have in a library of mead making books, but it's not the "be all, end all" book to have.

Worth getting a copy though. Some of his concepts/info about mead making are good to know, but if you keep up with current ideas, you'll follow why I prefer not to expound this older info.

Hey ho!, there is a more recent book to get. More recent than even the Great Ken Schramms, "The Compleat Meadmaker".

It's called The Complete Guide to Making Mead, by Steve Piatz.

I can't say whether it's worth getting, as I haven't got a copy yet, but on looking at Amazon, the 5 reviews at the time of checking, all give it 5 stars. So I'll be ordering myself a copy once I can get into bloody Amazon.........


Anonymous said...

Hi Bloke, I read the new book, its very nice especially for beginners as it has lots of pictures so you would probably understand it easy:) It is written from a beer brewers perspective so a little different view of KM and sanitation. Everything is uptodate such as SNA and no boil!

Fatbloke said...

My copy turned up on friday morning Jack. Started reading but in my panic to get home, I've left it in my truck, so I'll have to wait till monday (not going to where I park my truck as it's an hour round trip).

Your precis seems spot on, from what I've read thus far.

I wonder if it means I'm gonna end up moaning about it being from a beer makers POV........... ;D