Saturday, September 29, 2007

Latest on the ginger wine.

Well this is what the ginger wine currently looks like. When I'd got the must cooled enough I pitched the yeast (Lalvins 71B-1122 Narbonne), it showed signs of starting the ferment pretty much straight away - though now, 2 days later, whereas the must, while cooling had settled into 3 distinct layers (grey sludge at the bottom, a golden coloured liquor in the middle and the larger shreddings of the ginger - I don't skin the ginger, at the top) it's "that busy" that it seems to be a uniform grey i.e. the sludge colour.

I don't recall whether the yeast is supposed to be a fast fermenter or not, but it seems to be going great guns right now.

This has created a bit of a quandary, because lots of recipes and methods, seem to recommend that you start the ferment in a bucket, and when the initial madness has subsided, you rack it off any sediment into the main fermenting vessel. As you can see (hopefully as this "posting pictures to a blog lark" is a new thing for me) the ferment is basically well mixed with only the larger chopped bits of ginger (they just didn't get as finely shredded by my food processor) at the top.

As for the container ? Well, I've found them at car boots, dumped on the side of the road, in skips, etc etc. They'd normally have water in them. Theres a potential issue with them as they're made from poly carbonate, which being slightly porous, means that they can retain odours (don't know about taste/flavour) from previous contents. So I'll have to be careful, because the bucket that I mixed the must in, now stinks of ginger (like that's a surprise).

That's about it for the moment, but I think I might post more pictures now I've got a vague understanding about how it's done (and get a cheaper/more basic digital camera just for taking pic's that are for posting on the web).


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