Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mini "mead" update

The mead batch I made as a trial for "Wyeast Liquid yeast", to try both the sweet and dry mead yeasts is going well i.e. both are bubbling away nicely.

Today I added a small amount of additional yeast nutrient for the yeast cultures to "get their teeth into". I suspect that the sweet mead will be just that, well actually, very sweet. Because the starting gravity of the must was enough to make a mead of 18% abv, whereas the yeast will only go to about 11% abv, maybe a little more - so it might have as much as 7% residual sugar/sweetness.

The dry mead should be fine, because the dry mead culture should go to about the 18% abv suggested by the yeast profile. I'll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

Oh and I also found a local honey supplier that will give me enough variations of honey to try for the foreseeable future - I'm gonna link their site.

I was also given a link to a US site that had some rather magically named honeys, like "Killer Bee Honey" (apparently a wild flower honey from Brazil, produced by "Africanised" bees). I doubt whether I'll get any of their products as the shipping costs are likely to be prohibitive. I'll have to wait and see (and yes I'll link their site as well).

Pip pip!

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