Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oh oh! I've just noticed, I've got a "comment"

My post of the 14th October last year has attracted a comment. I only just found it.

In response to "Kim", thankyou very much for your kind and understanding comment. It explained a fair few things that I just didn't know.

I don't know whether I'll actually be able to locate any of the honeys you've mentioned or not, I suspect that they'd be reasonably priced but the shipping would be prohibitive - that won't stop me looking to see though.

I'd forgotten about Tupelo and the like, but I was looking around the net the other day to see if I could find a reasonably priced source for Buckwheat honey. The net seems to be full of additional info, as there have been some recent reviews in the UK press, who seem to think it's a cure all panacea for childrens coughing problems. The few prices I did find seemed rather high so I'll have to keep looking.

Again, thanks for the comment. It's very much appreciated.



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