Sunday, March 09, 2008

update - 9/3/08

Just checked on what was done yesterday. The canned strawberry is clearing nicely, while the mead made for the tutorial has thrown a sediment, but is still quite hazy. Not to worry, it'll clear in time - I'm guessing.

I can't access the WAH site at the moment because I wanted to check what yeast I'd used to make the mead for the tutorial - why ? because my regular mead recipe uses either 3 or 4 lb's of honey to the gallon, so with 4 lb, that gives a gravity reading of about the 1135 mark before the yeast is pitched. So it's actually quite suitable for one of the higher alcohol yeasts like lalvins EC-1118 or K1V-1116, which should, theoretically (and from the info on the yeast data sheet at Gotmead, suggest a balanced mead from the EC-1118, a sweet(ish) mead with K1V-1116 and very sweet/"sack" mead with either 71B-1122 or D47, but I can't remember which one I used for the "tutorial mead". It's occurred to me that I might have to put it in the fridge to cool down some, as this can, apparently, help with clearing.

Of course, if I wasn't so "hap-hazard" in my approach to winemaking, then I'd have kept nice accurate records. Ha! I don't (at the moment), I try to use this blog, because then if there's anyone who wants to make some mead then at least they've got info about my mistakes to learn from. It does really annoy me that mead making info is so fragmented (well not just mead making info, most home brewing info).

I should really check to see whether I remembered to add it here shouldn't I!


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