Sunday, February 14, 2010

Forgot to mention yesterday (WTF)......

So there I was, ploughing through my stocks, back sweetening, racking, sulphiting, etc etc,

and I came across a 1 gallon DJ (capped with one of the few screw caps I've got for those type) that contained, what looked like a dark elderberry wine.

I though I'd open it and have a smell to see if I could work out what it was (not to hot on taking notes - but I'm normally conscientious at labelling my fermenters). Turned the cap and "aaaarrrrggggghhhhhh @##~[)8&6%£******" and managed to get the cap back on.

The fucker had started to foam, not quite a wine/mead fountain, but enough to potentially make a mess.

So, back into the sink and I uncapped it again, it did foam up but only for 20 seconds or so, leaving about a 1 inch air gap below the neck of the DJ.

I got the turkey baster sanitised and took a sample to taste. Wow! it was like blackberry and apple or something like that when it's been mixed up as a must. Yum yum!

Anyway, I took a gravity measurement and it showed it was at about 1030 (and no, there's no reason why I would have capped an active ferment).

So at a loss as to what this was and what to do, I just sulphited it, then topped it up with vodka and put it under airlock - because it was still releasing a hell of a lot of gas (not enough to foam obviously).

Once it's stopped bubbling I'll take a measurement to see if I can work out what the hells going on.......

Hey ho!

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