Saturday, February 13, 2010

I couldn't organise a...........

piss up in a brewery........

Been doing some other stuff today, but while that's getting on with itself, I decided to start racking off anything that's being kept.

Why ? well it's because I've still got about 14 litres of Chenin blanc grape concentrate and I don't want it to go to waste - oxidisation and all that.

So the master plan (yes, another one), is to use it (the Chenin Blanc) to top up the Lavender honey and the Orange Blossom honey meads made last year (april 2009) after I've racked them off the sediment (damn, I'm sure I wrote about the makings somewhere but I'm buggered if I can find it - so I don't know what yeast I used to make them with).

Then I'm also gonna try and freeze 2 x 2 litre bottles of the Chenin Blanc concentrate.

I'm also planning on making a pyment, Chenin Blanc concentrate and a jar of the Polish honey. Not decided what yeast to use yet......

Then just see how much of the concentrate is left and take it from there........

What else have I done recently ? Oh yes, did I mention that I dug out all my current stocks, had a little taste of each and any that weren't showing any signs of promise have all been put through a friends still.

I'm not gonna waste them and just put them down the sink am I! I'll use the alcohol to fortify anything that's getting kept, but has gone below the predicted strength when it's been racked and then topped up with water, grape juice or concentrate.

Then they'll probably just go straight back under the stairs to bulk age (for bulk age, read that as leave them until I can make my mind up to bottle them or at least have another look at them to decide what's gonna happen next.....)

pip pip!

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steven said...

You said you were using some of the grape concentrate to top up meads made a year ago. Couldn't this restart fermentation of perhaps change the flavor profile of the meads?