Sunday, October 24, 2010

Different flavours etc, and other things - Sunday, October 10, 2010

Marek posted a good suggestion to the above titled blog entry.....
Or maybe something like Banana. It makes great deserts, eaten raw, etc etc, but banana flavoured booze, mead or whatever..

Have you ever tried Strawbana Mead?
I made it three times and I really like it!!!
A small addition of banana to secondary is sometimes great to melomels.
 So the answer would have to be no, because I'm aware that banana can be used to add flavour and/or body to a mead/melomel, but have never tried it.

I've also read recipes for "banana wine", but again, while they're on the "to do" list, haven't, as yet, tried one.

I've read about strawberry and banana going well together, but Marek's recommendation is the first one I've read.

I'm seriously thinking of adding a bit of banana to my current cyser batch that's nearly finished. At worst it might add a hint of banana (which I do enjoy), it might even help the batch finish a bit lower, as it was at about the 1010 mark when I checked it last week.

Damn this blog thing is brilliant when you get good and helpful comments like that. Thankyou very much for the input Marek. I'd probably not have considered that....


Marek said...

Here you can find a recipe for a Strawbana Cabana Mead.I put this recipe on our Polish meadmakers forum and a few people were very happy with a final result.It is a very good recipe for a winter time, frozen strawberries and ripe bananas are always available.
Banana is a very good source of kalium and it really helps with high gravity batches or problems with fermentation.

Marek said...

A few days ago I started my first batch of cyser and I think that adding a half of a banana for 10 litres of mead in a secondary is a good idea.

Aristaeus said...

Many a recipe requiring a bannana/sultana to add flavor are available. It is enjoyable in fruit and vegetable wines, especially where large amounts of cane sugar are required. Explore and enjoy!