Sunday, April 29, 2012

Banana Mead Part 5

Well, it's nearly finished already.

I tested it when we got back from lunch and it's reading about 1.005, which is about 11.5% ABV (if I've remembered my start details correctly), so there's some room for it to go further i.e. 71B is capable of about 14% ABV.

Now as I'd expected, it's not very "bananery" in taste, but that's mainly because all of the extracted flavour has been in primary fermentation. So one of the things I've decided I will be doing, will be to rack it off the sediment and onto some more banana.

What I haven't decided about yet, is whether I'm gonna augment the alcohol some with a bit more honey, or possibly change the flavour a bit by adding some vanilla as it goes quite well with banana.

Or I also have the option of adding a 1lb jar of malt extract, letting it do it's thing before back sweetening.

Of course, it's all rather "undecided" as this batch wasn't really planned because I wasn't expecting to be given the banana that prompted this batch (and I'm far too disorganised when it comes to my batches).

I do suspect that both the malt and vanilla would enhance the banana flavour if it's present in a large enough quantity. I suppose I'm unsure because so many of the recipes and brews that others make, I wouldn't - some wonderful ideas, but I just don't see the point in a lot of them. Perhaps because I'm not adventurous enough, I don't know......

Whether Banana Vanilla Malted mead is the way ahead ? Hum ? Dunno.........

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