Sunday, May 06, 2012

Banana Mead Part 6

When I got in after work on friday, I think it was, I took a gravity reading and it was about 1.000 and on a whim, decided to add the malt extract (runny brown stuff from the local health food store).

It only pushed the gravity back up to about 1.005 and it wasn't a 1lb jar either, it was 340 g - hopefully it'll still ferment out ok.

I'm thinking that when it's got a decent layer of sediment I'll just rack it and then put some more banana in there - probably just the fruit sliced up and leave it as I'd like to get a more bananery taste going, so when I eventually do back sweeten it, it'll have a hint of malt, a hint of vanilla and a reasonable amount of banana taste....

I'll have to wait and see won't I !

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