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Young's "High Alcohol/Dessert Wine" yeasts - some excellent info.......

One of the members over at Gotmead, who can't find much by way of wine yeast locally, emailed Young's to ask them.

They were kind enough to attach the following text, by way of a .pdf file attachment.

Dessert / High Alcohol Wine Yeast 5g

Young’s yeast’s range is the result of over 2 years worth of research, testing and analysis of commercial yeast strains.
Yeast strains from the leading manufacturers world-wide were screened to determine which of those performed best
for home beer, wine & cider making, and selections were based on quality not price. Our commitment to this quality
is shown in the fact that each batch of yeast we receive is checked microbially and also fermented out before it’s
packed – this ensures the quality is consistent in every sachet, and every bottle you produce.

Species: Saccharomyces Bayanus

Young’s Dessert / High Alcohol Wine Yeast is an exceptional strain that allows optimum wine quality to be achieved
with each and every brew. It’s properties include an ability to ferment up to 18% ABV, rapid clearing, low foam
formation, and the ability to ferment as low as 10°C means this is a reliable and easy to handle strain. You can expect
a taste and aroma profile that will bring the natural grape flavours to the fore, it will also add a definite weight and
depth to your wine, making it perfect for high alcohol sweet wines. Excellent across numerous varietals producing
classic, true to type sweet, flavoursome wines with balanced mouthfeel and smooth finish, exuding the baked fruit
flavours synonymous with high alcohol wines. Making well structured, clean wines that are a wonderful accompaniment
to many after dinner treats is what this strain does beautifully.


Youngs Dessert / High Alcohol Wine Yeast is a excellent all round strain, perfect choice for high alcohol, dessert and
fortified wines.

Technical Information

Alcohol tolerance: 18% v/v
SO tolerance: High
Foaming: Low
Low production of fusel oils
Viability: >1.0x 10 CFU/g
Wild yeast: <1 br="" million="" per=""> Total bacteria: <5 br="" million="" per="">

This is a controlled, consistent and reliable yeast with capability to ferment between 10-30°C, though best results are
achieved when temperature remains stable between 20-24°C. It is important that the must remains above 20°C for at
least the first 24 hours after the yeast is pitched, this will help to avoid bacterial contamination and extended lag time.
The sachet contents (5g) is designed to be pitched into 23 litres of must. This can be done directly, by sprinkling on to
the surface and standing for 15 minutes before mixing in thoroughly for a further 2 minutes or by rehydrating before
addittion - reccommended for high alcohol wines. To rehydrate, mix the dry yeast into 100ml of 40°C water and stir
periodically over a 10-12 minute period until cream. Temperature adjust this to within 5°C of the must by gradually
and slowly stirring in cold water to the rehydrated yeast, add this to the must and mix thoroughly before leaving to
ferment at 20-24 °C.


Sachets should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If stored correctly, the yeast will have a shelf
life of 24 months from date of manufacture. Store in a dry, odour free environment at a constant temperature ideally
below 20°C. Once opened the contents should be used immediately. Use by best before date stamped on the packaging.
Young’s yeast sachets are packed into the highest grade quality laminate material providing a complete gas and
moisture barrier.


This material is non-hazardous when used as directed. Young’s yeasts are free from allergens and
free from genetically modified organisms or materials derived from genetically modified organisms.

So, while they might have been able to make it a bit briefer, but with more detail, similar to how you find the listing in the Lallemand yeast chart, for their "offerings", but I'm not goiing to moan. It's the best bit of info I've seen about a Youngs product for some time. Their generic listings do piss me off....... it's not like it's any kind of proprietary trade secret !

But thanks very much to Stasis, over at Gotmead for the info. Very much appreciated.

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