Saturday, January 25, 2014

Comments etc....

Just got my finger out and actually see if anyone had posted comments (noticed a while back there was a few bits of spam......) Brilliant. Some good ones there. Nothing rubbish or rude etc - ha! any that were offensive or spammy shite would just get deleted anyway :D Sorry if it's taken me a while to actually read them, but I want to try and be a little more conscientious....... (watch this space) The only thing I'm not sure about is where Marek said about making a "Blackthorn melomel" ? I presume that meant using the Sloe's for the fruit, or was that to make it like the French recipe where they use the leaves etc ? I'm gonna go with the fruit, as I might actually be able to get time to pick some this year - should have been out last, but as the bloody builders still had the place in pieces, that was out of the question ! Hey ho! shit happens

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Anonymous said...

I don't remember my comment, but for sure it was about fruits.