Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last weekend - I forgot to ............

Post that I'd made another couple of batches of "Joe's Ancient Orange" (mead, that is).

Except I didn't use orange, I used a mix of lemon and lime (I found a recommend for that on one of the forum sites I post at).

I made 2 batches, one was the base recipe with bread making yeast, the other one was the base recipe but with Lalvins 71B wine yeast. I could also have used Lalvins D47, both of these yeasts seem to make good meads.

They're both bubbling away nicely. The other 3 batches I made a couple of weeks ago (maybe as much as a month - I think I explained about them in a previous post), have stopped bubbling and cleared quite well. I prefer to wait until the fruit has dropped to the bottom of the fermenter, so it'll be another few weeks before I filter/bottle them - I might even just move them into fresh, clean/sterilised demi-johns too "bulk age", that way I'll be less tempted to drink some of them and I can use them for birthday and crimbo presents later in the year! Though I might have to give them a little test, as I don't yet know what the lemon flavoured and lime flavoured ones are likely to taste like. I suppose it won't hurt to check them ;-)

Ho hum !

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