Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas Pudding flavoured mead ? part 5

Well, I finally got bored waiting. Not sure if its stuck or not yet. So I've racked it off the fruit debris and sludge. The bucket level was at 3 gallons and I've managed to rack out about half a gallons worth of the sludge.
Actually, I didn't rack it I strained it through a stainless sieve as it would never have travelled down a racking tube.
If I've got this mobile blogger app right, it should upload a picture of the 2 and a half gallons of liquid. It still looks like the contents of a blocked drain or sewer, but it tastes marvellous........

{edit} This morning, it's had a chance to settle and I find that there is indeed, quite a lot of sediment. The clear glass, 1 gallon jar has a good 2 inches of sediment settled, and the half gallon clear glass jar is nearly half full of sediment. I'm presuming that this is fine sediment from the pud base and yeast based lees, but I'm gonna have to check the gravity tonight after work as the batch may be stuck.

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